PowerPoint woes…

So the blog has been quieter than usual, but I haven’t been so quiet around here. I am working on learning more about how VBA works with PowerPoint so I can make more interactive PowerPoints than animations alone can do. (I cannot believe this but I seriously think this project might drive me to Flickr and the professional learning networks that are over there…) Beyond that, once I get the code to run, I am afraid it won’t run the same on the Mac as it does on the PC. (The lack of streamlined animation responses pushed me to VBA). I really wish Microsoft would publish identical software packages (like include the Mac’s magic lasso in the PC version and the PC’s custom animation path feature on the Mac).

I guess I needed to vent. If you have suggestions beyond the Powerful PowerPoint for Educators book and the websites that come up when one searches for VBA and PowerPoint, I would gladly take them!  I’ll post an update on this project when there is more news. I hope the summer is bringing you time to rest, refresh, and explore new things.


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