Scenes from Almaty

I’m tired and don’t want to argue with embed code right now (perhaps tomorrow or when we’re home). If you would like to see some sights from Almaty, click here!

hmmm, the National Museum was cut out, bummer.


Clean streets

The brooms are everywhere. They remind me of a traditional peasant living in a village somewhere. We see them every morning as the shop keepers, construction workers, and home owners prepare their approaches for the day.


Day 2 Commute: We met a police officer

The goal this morning was to leave earlier as the presenters were 30 minutes late yesterday. Goals are not always realized. Well, that and if one is 30 minutes late, is leaving 5 minutes earlier good enough? That’s ok, I think we left later anyway. We did take a different road, but there were still three lanes in a place for two and or four lanes and we were only involved in one incidence of road rage, so it was far less eventful than yesterday…until we got into the city.

From everything we have heard (not so sure I should blog about that so let’s chat in person sometime) it is best to not meet the police here if you can help it. As we were weaving around a corner, a police officer waved his baton and motioned for our driver to pull over. After a handshake, a production of our driver’s credentials and a short conversation between the police officer and our driver, we were on our way – but not before a quick, knowing wink from the driver to us in via the rear-view mirror.

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