D was for delicious :(

I am one of those who are really bummed about the news that Yahoo is dropping delicious.  I know many like Diigo, and I just never got into it before as I really liked delicious – now, not so sure which direction I’m going to go. I already saved an html file of my bookmarks from delicious (click “Settings,” and then under “Bookmarks” you’ll see “Export/Backup Bookmarks”) and it did save the notes I had for the links, but not the tags. 😦 I think I’m going to investigate Google Bookmarks and Diigo next. In the present, what a pain. In the future, I already miss exploring everyone’s tags and bookmarks in delicious.


Typeracer…a fun little competition

TyperacerWho doesn’t like a friendly competition? And to see how typing skills are doing? An extra bonus.  Typeracer allows you to set up an account, or log in as an anonymous guest and type a series of sentences. While you type, your speed and accuracy go head-to-head with other typists somewhere out there on the web. At the conclusion of the “race,” you receive a speed and accuracy rating.
A fun little game break and a skill polisher to boot!

Could be cool, but…

Usually I try to write about tools that would work in the classroom, and I thought I was going to get to do that again with this new-to-me tool, “xtranormal.” It is a great little flash-based movie maker that allows you to select your background, sound effects, and characters then type in a script and create a movie (thanks Farah for hearing about it and sharing the information). I was getting really excited about the potential and then I found “American female voice 2” and in the demo of the voice, well, I was disappointed in the vocabulary they selected for her to say. I think it is enough that I would use this with adults but not students. Bummer, this looked like fun. So this Friday Five is more directed toward adults, I think. I also think I will drop the xtranormal folks a note about my disappointment. Also, this is in serious beta, who knows how much will be available at no cost once they come out of beta. But it is a fun tool. Click here to see my little demo (please don’t take it as a political statement, I thought the guy had an elephant button when I was making it, I could see hers was a donkey and I thought they could have a disagreement – apparently another bummer is that the program has a political bias, there are no conservatives to offset the liberals – difficult for a Social Studies teacher!) and, of course, happy Friday!

Voki – My Newest Intrigue

New session, and 5 minutes in, I am very happy. Have you seen Voki? I hadn’t! Anyone can make their own avatar and have it talk. Pose a question to a student (or group of students), have them create a first-person response, listen to each other’s recording, this is going to be great!

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