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Have you ever taken a year off? August 4, 2010

Posted by Wendy Wolfe in Uncategorized.

This has been an interesting year. Life has been filled with so many things, work, family, friends, new jobs, contacts, contracts, that the blogging thing really took a back seat. I feel a connection with Dan at “A History Teacher” that many things have changed in the past year. While I very casually wrote on this blog through the last school year, I also casually dropped in on the blogs I love, but I did so via searching with Google or just knowing the URLs. Today I finally “caught up” on over (I will sheepishly admit) 8000+ blog posts in my RSS feeds.  Many things have changed on those blogs in the last year too. The last time I was actively reading blogs, it was becoming a trend to have a blog post show most recent posts to delicious. Now I see people posting their Tweets as their blog posts.

So I recommit to blogging, and reading. I spiffed up my home page of the blog some fun widgets and a badge for the K12 Online Conference (love it!), a calendar, a widget showing my delicious posts (if people visit the blog and not just see it through RSS), and a couple of other things, and tomorrow I am going to reset/update the blog roll (one of my Saint Mary’s learners said blog rolls are becoming “old-fashioned” but I appreciate them so I’m going to keep mine a while), clean up my RSS feed, and begin anew.  I hope this blog helps bring useful tools to classrooms and thoughts to the discussion.

Have a great night – here’s to a restart on the adventure.



1. Wesley Fryer - August 4, 2010

Woo hoo – let’s hear it for ongoing, shared adventures!

Thanks for including the k12online10 logo too- I hope you will submit a proposal to present this year as well as participate in the conference! 🙂

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