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Breakout session: Podcasting April 24, 2009

Posted by Wendy Wolfe in Podcasting.
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Find an untold story in your community/connected to your community in some way to add depth and interest. Our students tell their own stories all too often; engage them in the stories of others and help them on their way to maturity.

Find a new audience for your podcasts. Parents are usual. In this example (on Japanese Friendship Dolls), the script had to be approved by the curator of the Milwaukee Public Museum.

http://web.me.com/dienerd/homepage/About.html (check podcasts)

http://mpm.edu/exhibitionsfeatured/friendshipdoll/podcasts.php & http://mtsd.k12.wi.us/Lake_Shore/podcast/vet-mem/Intro.html
(sample podcast projects)

Idea: What are the backgrounds of the memorials in your area? How to honor veterans? http://honoring-veterans.wikispaces.com (join in a national collaborative project -he’s waiting for more people to join in – create a project to honor our nation’s veterans). Possibility: Take some pictures of local veterans’ memorials, turn them into a movie, post it to YouTube, and post it to the wiki. Challenge: create a project in your community that connects students and veterans. Create the project online then post a link to the wiki.

Podcasting turns students into historians, brings primary sources to life, and fosters a sense of maturity.

Tool recommended in this session for podcasting with phone: Gabcast –

Video tools recommended in this session for podcasting:GarageBand & iPhoto (MAC) MovieMaker (PC)  Audacity (Mac or PC)

Interesting. They have a tech-ed class for 6th graders. Hmm…the constraints of 42 minute class periods are making my spirit of creativity feel overly limited…



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