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The Friday Five: Video Resources February 20, 2009

Posted by Wendy Wolfe in Friday Five, Uncategorized, Web resources.

Thinking back to my first classroom, I remember a television falling on me from a top-heavy cart with a VCR on the second shelf. Showing a video clip has definitely come a long way. Today’s “Five” spotlights five great (and free) video resources which will help teachers in all disciplines.

1. iTunes. In the iTunes store, under “Podcasts” if one clicks on “News & Politics,” a wealth of free video resources are revealed (I like the free access to the “Meet the Press” without needing a video tape or dvd!).

2. TV.com is making my list because I have always been frustrated with the availability of “60 Minutes” video and TV.com has it! (Along with a wealth of other videos)

3. National Geographic. National Geographic’s Video collection provides great access to both clips and longer videos in many categories including: Animals, Environment, Culture, and more.

4. SnagFilms. I admit, I’m hooked. History, Music and Culture, the Arts, Politics, Science, Sports, find your documentaries here.

5. Hulu. How could one not include Hulu? Along with the general television shows which those of us without dvrs might miss, there are channels dedicated to Food, Home and Garden, Music, Politics, could provide good content that might be overlooked.

Happy Friday!



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